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What to consider when moving a site to another domain

What to do when the selling site does not work

Can a selling site not sell? Of course, but once you decide on the concept of "selling site." In our case, this is a site that was originally created for the sale of goods or services. To create a selling site for business, the company needs the following elements:

- Unique design
- Thoughtful design
- Marketing texts
- Analysis of competitors
After creating such a resource, it's time to launch contextual advertising in order to get your customers faster. Managers of your site are already ready to start making deals, but the phone keeps silent. In the end, you get zero. There are no sales, although it is known that the sites of competitors bring a lot of money.
What to do in this case?
The first step that should be done is to check the selling site. If everything is right in it, you will have to think about why there are no sales. Really have to make a new site !?
The whole point is that the owners of some sites are not much different from the owners of others, in other words, their competitors. Of course, they try to stand out, but in most cases, many offer too, as all the others. It is very important for companies that provide standard services: ceilings, lawyers, builders, etc. If the client is ready, then we begin work on the real UTS. But this is rare, because most people want to leave everything without much change. This, of course, is not terrible, but there are exceptions ... The joke is that if your proposal does not differ from the offer of competitors or will be inferior to them in some aspects, then the reason for bad sales is not in the Direct CTR, design or marketing Text. Value in fact should not only be a service or product that is sold on your resource, but also from the offer itself. In the eyes of customers, the offer should be valuable when compared with competitors.
When there is no value, you are inferior in all respects to your competitors, and none of this will come out.
What is the value? A couple of examples from practice
Narrow specialization is one of the simplest ways. But even this method is cunning. The problem is that it does not always work, and it obviously does not draw on a real advantage.
In addition, specialization must be emphasized. It's not easy to say that you specialize in ceilings or iron doors. It is important to clarify which benefits the potential client will receive from your specialization.
If the specialization of the advantages of your proposal is the same as that of your competitors, then you hardly need to hope that this approach will work and bring in revenue. Specialization should be practically confirmed.
Most customers share the same excuse: "We have a product like everyone else!". In fact, to find a unique product in order to sell it on the Internet is very, very difficult. What's with your store? How will it simplify the purchase? What will it be of interest to potential customers?
You need to find the answer to a simple question:
"Why should I, as a consumer, order goods from you, and not from your competitors?"
If you do not have such an answer, you'll have to think about not being at the broken trough.

We offer you several answers that we managed to find together with our customers:

- Energy-saving climate equipment at the price of conventional.
- Guarantee for the destruction of insects and pests for one or two years (if they later return, the company undertakes to eliminate them for free).
- Garbage removal after the installation of plastic windows by the company that is the installer.
In this case, it is worth remembering that the answer may not fit into one sentence and will mean the USP. It happens that this is a complex of facts or benefits for the client from working with the firm, which together constitute a "delicious offer."

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