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Seo site on WordPress

At the moment, among the webmasters the wordpress platform has taken an honorable place in terms of convenience and promotion of the site, although it does not give immediate results. This platform is used by almost half of the sites and is ideal for Seo promotion services.

Among some Internet users, there is a legend that this platform, using the various plug-ins and themes included in its structure, itself promotes the site in search results.
But, alas, in reality everything is not as simple as it might seem. This platform has only basic optimization capabilities for search engines, conventional sites. In the case, with the promotion of sites of serious commercial projects, its development by a team of professionals is required.
The use of WordPress does not solve the issue of promoting the site in the issuance.
This platform can not be called a method of website promotion. After creating an Internet resource on its basis, it is easy to manage all the necessary functions, since it does not involve the use of complex codes and plug-ins. But there is, one nuance. If the plugins are not correctly applied, the site on the wordpress platform starts to work at a very low speed, so the solution of this issue should also be entrusted to specialists who will make an optimal and balanced decision on their use. The advantage of wordpress can be considered, the choice of already optimized themes (website design). All the themes presented in it, as a rule, have a beautiful appearance (without superfluous codes) and a well-coordinated structure, adapted for mobile versions of the site.
WordPress does not create an HTML site map. And here again you yourself or with the help of professionals will need to work on this.
Themes (page design) are not optimized by default.
Website design is very important. On the wordpress platform there are many ready-made themes that allow you to create an upscale site in a few minutes. But this does not mean that it will be optimized for search engines.
A few nuances that require attention when using a theme on wordpress:
• Simplified code. The presence of complex codes can lead to loss of speed of the site, as well as lead to a decrease in the ranking in the search engines.
• HTML 5. This language was invented specifically for the optimization of sites, but it can be oversaturated with h1 tags, which is highly undesirable.
In conclusion, we can only say that the construction of a site on the wordpress platform, by no means optimizes it for you.
Seo wordpress promotion, if it is justified by your needs, should only be done by professionals. They will be able to bypass all the filters of search engines, which can be reached by creating a site on this platform.

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