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What to consider when moving a site to another domain

Cell Phones First Policy

For the first time, more than one-quarter of the global population will use smartphones in 2015, and by 2018, researchers estimate, over one-third of consumers worldwide, or more than 2.56 billion people, will do so. That 2018 figure also represents over half—51.7%—of all mobile phone users, meaning that feature phones will have finally become a minority in the telecommunications world.
Nearly two-thirds of North Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many these devices are a key entry point to the online world.
Inexpensive smartphones are opening new opportunities for marketing and commerce in emerging markets where many consumers previously had no access to the internet.

Meanwhile, in mature, established markets, smartphones are quickly shifting the paradigm for consumer media usage and impressing the need for marketers to become more mobile-centric.

We at Minerva Solutions always looking ahead when it comes to technology and with emerging trend of smart phone users using their devices for non-traditional means you as a business must have the right tools to reach your potential customers. With cell phone first policy and dedicated App development team Minerva Solutions will place these tools in a palm of your hand.

Responsive Design

Our web designs look beautiful and professional and function fast on all types of mobile devices and phones. Responsive design means your website will adapt automatically to your visitor.

Optimized For The Future

If you think yor site works well but is not displayed properly on your smart phone, it needs to be Optimized. Our team knows how to do just that! We will make your site fast easy to use and accessible on any mobile device or tablet because ease of access is the future.

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