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Internet design in our time

In times of prosperity of IT technologies, Internet design is one of the most popular and well paid jobs. Internet shops require simple and convenient design, information sites - quality imposition. Separately, designers need a beautiful decoration or idea for a logo.

Quality Internet design is necessary for individuals and large companies:

Advertising agencies;
Internet publishers;
Designer studios.

Types of IT-design

The designer should be a creative and creative person, and also be able to draw at a fairly high level, but in the matter of web design, the ability to hold a brush and mix colors is not in the first place.
A person whose profession is Internet design should be able to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The first group is necessary for editing and creating of graphic models, the second - for layout of web pages.
There are several types of design, focused on the different needs of customers:
Tabular (hard) site. Creating such a site for an experienced designer will not be difficult. The simplicity is that the site consists of a table. The convenience of this type is that the entire page is divided into pixels, where this or that image or text is placed. There is only one disadvantage - in different browsers the site can be displayed in different ways, due to which the layout is distorted;
Flexible (rubber) site. Suitable for any browser, but requiring more skills. The flexible appearance of the design differs from the rigid one in that the size of the cells is set depending on the screen size;
Text design. The peculiarity of it is that most of the content is text with a small number of images. A similar option is necessary for sites designed to fill the target audience: forums, chat rooms, author blogs, etc .;
Polygraphic variant. Such an Internet design is necessary for advertising publications; The site turns into a kind of brochure or booklet, and similar design is necessary for sites that are trying to evoke some emotions, rather than convey important information;
Dynamic variant. The most complex Internet design, from the designer requires the production of various moving images, the webmaster will have to break his head over the correct arrangement of actions.
Thus, there is a great deal of IT-design. A person who has set himself the goal of mastering this niche will necessarily find the part that is most suitable for him personally.

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