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Improving the usability of the site by improving navigation. First-class navigation is the foundation of a pleasant web design and content users. If you do everything possible to make your site successful, but at the same time do not care about its navigation, you are trying in vain! Without an attractive arrangement of elements and a good navigational structure on the page, visitors will not be able to find the information they need quickly and without hindrance. Fortunately, we want to tell you about the 8 golden rules that must be followed to improve UI design and site navigation.
1. Good search engine characteristics
A search engine is a must for any website! Search engines should always provide relevant, consistent and necessary results. Even if the user makes a mistake in writing the product name or looking for a product that is not on your site, the system must find an exit and "understand" the user. A good search engine submits similar units in the results if your page does not contain exactly the product that the user is looking for, and "forgives" errors in spelling when searching. A really good search engine handles synonyms, case, alternative spelling and heavy queries.
2. Images with Alt-text
In fact, internal search systems do not see the image the way we see it. If the picture shows the text, the internal search engine is not able to read it. Make this possible using alt text. Alt-text is a great place for keywords. However, you should follow certain rules, using images with alt-text. Try to say a lot, using little text and place images with the "alt" tag of the corresponding text images.
3. Clear division into categories
If the time of your navigation is too confusing and complex and contains different categories and categories, then you should clearly highlight them visually. For example, clearly separate the headings of categories from sub categories, using different colors.
4. Substantial headings in navigation
Use as accurate text on all components of the navigation menu as possible, so that visitors know which page they are going to visit. Make it easy for users to find the right information!
5. Create a design for mobile devices
According to statistics, the number of mobile phone users far exceeds the number of those who use computers, so you should pay special attention to the location of items for their smartphones. An experienced web designer uses all possible methods to create a good UX design. If your site is still not yet fit for mobile phones, better hurry to fix this pretty weighty mistake!
6. Removing "dead" links
Systematically analyze all the links on your site, track and replace those that no longer work. You can delete all broken links on the page using a program that finds "dead" links. Broken Link Finder is a good example of such a program; This system checks each inappropriate link.
7. Keep track of site traffic
Using Google Analytics, you can completely revise the route of each user on your site, as well as the number of pages visited. Watching the number of visitors, how long a certain page is being reviewed, or how popular it is, you will be able to imperceptibly influence users with this information. Another interesting way to track web traffic is WebVisor. With this program users Yandex. Metrics have the ability to reproduce the actions of visitors on their site in video format. From the country of the user, the type of browser and the duration of the visit to each keystroke and mouse click - this system shows each click.
8. Use the Bradkramby
Use bradkramb for navigation on very large sites and for those with a hierarchically organized structure. They are extremely convenient that reduce the number of actions that users make to find the necessary page, and indicate the location of the user on the site.


There is always something that you would like to improve on your site. Everything is in your hands, so you should regularly test and improve the product. If you are very knowledgeable in the field of front end design and, of course, if you listen to these tips, navigation on your site will be undeniably wonderful!

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