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Features of blogging

Today, a personal blog is the same popular attribute on the Web, as well as facebook, instagram and others. In recent years, blogs are becoming more and more, hence competition for the reader is also increasing. Therefore, the question arises: "And how to promote the blog on the Internet?".
The blog is very convenient to promote and advertise their services and products.
Its advantage as a platform is the fast update rate of information, as well as indexing, relevance. So, the blog, most likely, is similar not to a site, but to news resources of electronic publications. Because the reader goes into the online diary daily in search of something new. In addition, the feature of blogs is that the information in them is spread instantly. If you post interesting information, it will be quoted and shared. And literally in 24 hours there will already be tens and hundreds of thousands of copies. This is the case, because blogs are more connected than websites. For example, in Twitter and LiveJournal, such connections are much denser than in Western analogues, but links with which you can establish communication, on the contrary less. If you want to promote the blog, then watch its content - this is the basis of success. After all, if your content is new and interesting, then to you more than once will return, and if boring and not necessary, then the user will "bypass" your site side. In addition, the convenience of posting information is very important. Today we will give some tips on how to increase the citation, as well as the search visibility of your blog.
No need to use a lot of smilies. So, journalists and writers convey an emotional experience without these attributes, try and you reduce their number in your blog. Do not clog your text with a lot of emoticons, better follow the principle of minimalism.
Hide the long texts with the help of "kata". Cat - this is a special tag that hides your full text and submits to the main page only part of the publication. If a person is interested in written information, he will follow the link to the page and read the entire publication. In the world of bloggers, "kat" is considered a sign of ethics and good tone. Why make your reader load large pages, if in the end it may not need it. In addition, when creating a text, divide it into small paragraphs, because it is easier to perceive what was written.

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