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We custom tailor solutions to fit local business and your particular needs.


Connecting your business with the fast paced world we live in and allowing your customers to pay you how they want to.

Responsive Design

Our websites, apps and tools are designed to adapt to the viewer's device and screen size to ensure everyone sees what you want them to see.

Logo Design & Branding

Don't have a logo? We can create one for you with your vision in mind and make your brand speak for itself!


Having a functional and professional looking website to represent your business drives more traffic and potential customers to you.

Web Security & Support

Security is always important, and we take it very seriously. With in house network security specialists and 3rd party contractors we ensure maximum security.

Custom Solutions

We can evaluate what you currently have and guide you in the best ways to make you or your business more efficient and effective.

~Amazing Holiday Gifts~

"Grab yourself one of the "Best Holiday Offers!" Do you know somebody who has a gift, be it a skill, a product, a service or some really important knowledge that they should be sharing with the world, and getting paid to do so? Here is your chance to give them just such a gift! Or maybe it's time you gave yourself such a gift? Whatever the reason, we are here to provide the means. We will custom tailor a website and marketing campaign to suit the special gifts of the person, product, or service that's available to share with the world. That could mean a membership site, an e-commerce site with online ordering and inventory control, service packages and custom quotes with client reporting systems. or anything in between. What better gift can you give (to yourself or others!) than creative and financial freedom!? Speak with one of our business specialists today to have your gift custom tailored to perfection! Satisfaction guaranteed."

Sincerely, Minerva Solutions

Our Clients

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PW McCallum Roofing Portfolio Image

PW McCallum Roofing


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Vic City Moving Portfolio Image

Vic City Moving

Website Design

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Queen Bee Nails Portfolio Image

Queen Bee Nails

Website Design

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Georgia Collins Portfolio Image

Georgia Collins

Website Design

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Gross Busters Marketing Inc.

Website Design

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Gift Economy

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Minerva Solutions was formed to respond to the needs of the ever growing demand for business and technology tools for owner/operator businesses.

  • Who We Are

    An awesomely cool yet highly educated alliance of tech savvy Programmers, Designers and IT professionals.

  • Things We Do

    Behind the scenes is our team of killer ninjas working fast and hard at getting tasks done. With mad skills ranging from HTML/CSS to the artistic nature of design all the way to tougher challenges requiring advanced level of coding such as PHP/Javascript etc.

  • What To Expect

    We got your back on a wide spectrum of technical services! So bring your questions and vision to us! No project is too big or too small! We especially make sure to keep your website mobile friendly in this new smartphone/tablet generation. Here are a few examples of the general feel for our work although not limited to:

    • General information website
    • Company/Business website
    • Portfolio
    • Services/Promotional website
    • E-commerce store
    • Graphic design
    • Marketing
    • Tech support/security and more.

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    Of The


Featuring Minvera Solutions' suppliers, consultants, contractors, partners, joint ventures etc.

Andrei Bakhmachev


Mike Slemko

Lead Sales/Marketer

Judith Barnett

Project Manager

William Suffill

Lead Developer

Boss Graphix

Graphic Designer

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